TICC at the Governor's Mansion, December 9, 1995

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The Triangle IBM Chorale had a very busy schedule in the fall of 1995. Just about midway through our schedule, we performed at the North Carolina Governor's Mansion. Chorale Listens to Chuck's Intro In this first photo we are listening as our director Chuck Petersen is warming up the crowd (he is not in the photo).

Our photographer, George Sawyer, had to press his way through the crowds to get any kind of photo, so most do not show all the chorale members. This one We start to sing has at least a bit of everyone that was there, with the exception of Chuck.

We performed an abbreviated repertoire, since we only had about 20 minutes to sing. Since we concentrate on Broadway-style music, the One Magic Christmas arrangement by Mac Huff is one of our standards. It includes a great arrangement of * Jingle Bell Rock RealAudio.

Every performance has a few solos, and this one was no exception. Stephen Clos and Lisa Schenkewitz as "Walt and Helen"Chorale generated quite a few laughs in the opening song "Whenever It's Christmas".

We perform an a'capella arrangement of "Carol of the Bells"Chorale that generated a standing ovation at the Raleigh Correctional Institute for Women earlier in the week.

We perform other serious Christmas Songs, such as Chorale O Holy Night and The Hallelujah Chorus that are especially appreciated at the retirement communities where we perform.

The challenge of performing 9 times in 11 days is no easy task to accomplish, Chorale but well worth it when you see the faces of the folks listening to you.

Most of our performances Chorale concluded with * Christmas Countdown RealAudio.

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